Durable, Stylish LuxCraft Poly Benches

Since 2002, Yoder Woodcrafters has been manufacturing and selling top-quality outdoor furniture. If you're looking to add beauty, value, and function to your outdoor spaces or create more backyard, deck, or porch seating areas, a perfect way to accomplish these goals is with any of the LuxCraft poly benches available from Yoder Woodcrafters.

Outdoor Bench Materials

LuxCraft benches from Yoder Woodcrafters are made from pigment systems, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and selected process additives. HDPE primarily comes from recycled materials, which makes LuxCraft porch, patio, and deck benches environmentally friendly. Poly benches are also appealing because the materials can mimic the natural beauty and style of wood. However, you won't have to deal with the upkeep required with wood if you choose poly benches with the same look and style.

Poly Bench Styles

Simple, sturdy, and comfortable, Luxcraft benches come in plain and classic styles. The 4' classic bench is 55 inches wide with a depth of 29 inches and height of 43 inches. Seat depth is 48"(W) by 18"(D). The 4' plain bench has the same width and depth. The height is 36 inches. The seat height and depth is also the same. The 2' classic bench is 30 inches wide with a depth of 29 inches. The height is 43 inches. Seat width and depth is 23 x 18. The 2' plain bench has the same dimensions, except for the height, which is 36 inches.



Because of the variety of colors and styles available, LuxCraft poly benches can easily match existing poly furniture such as Adirondack chairs, gliders, and rockers. Benches in any of the 12 available colors can also be used alone on smaller porches and decks with limited space to provide a convenient place to sit and relax in a shaded area. Possibilities with colors range from neutral shades to bright hues. Custom color combinations can be selected during checkout.


Outdoor Bench Accessories

Poly resin outdoor benches can be easily complemented with an assortment of accessories or added style, comfort, and convenience. For instance, a poly outdoor bench may be combined with a few Adirondack chairs to create a perfect spot for conversation and relaxation on a deck or patio. You won't even have to take a break from relaxing on your bench if you add an attachable stationary cup holder to it. Other accessories include seat cushions, trash cans, end tables, and planters.


High Durability

Maintenance with patio, backyard, and deck benches is minimal. Oftentimes, all that's needed is an occasional wash-down with mild soap and water. Poly furniture cleaner can also be safely used to clean benches and accessories. Since poly benches are durable, they'll easily stand up to a more thorough cleaning with a garden hose when necessary.