Poly Lawn Furniture & Patio Sets

Why Choose Poly Outdoor Furniture? 


Our products are so well-designed that they come with a Lifetime Warranty for residential customers. At Yoder Woodcrafters our patio and backyard furniture is made from the finest recycled plastics available to provide you with handsome and durable furniture that will provide many years of use anywhere you want to enjoy the outdoors, from a party at the beach in one of our folding Adirondack chairs to the rustic setting of a remote mountain cabin. Imagine looking out over the treetops as you sit with your special someone in comfortable Poly Adirondack chairs. This furniture gives you reliability and peace of mind that brings new levels of relaxation. 


Our History

Yoder Woodcrafters was founded in 2001 and operates from the scenic mountains of Virginia. We've been providing both commercial and residential customers from all over southwest Virginia and beyond with finely crafted poly outdoor furniture. We appreciate our customers and enjoy creating the handcrafted designs they love. Our products fulfill a wide range of outdoor needs including our decorative LuxCraft Poly furniture and comfortable Oakridge hunting blinds for the sportsman. Our outdoor patio sets are perfect for relaxing in.


Porch Glider

High-Tech Products 

Our products are made from a modern blend of high-density polyethylene, obtained chiefly from post-consumer plastic bottle waste that is decontaminated to a high level of purity and quality to remove all foreign materials, making ours an environmentally-friendly industry. Poly also includes UV-inhibiting pigments, foam compounds, and certain process additives that create a rigid, strong, and highly durable material ideally suited for outdoor use. We have the finest poly lawn furniture to go along with your barbecues, picnics, and special occasions. 


Maintenance Free Poly Furniture

Our furniture is produced with these purified polymers and crafted to precise specifications that appeal to any tastes in backyard furniture. You can get your poly lawn furniture in a variety of colors that are UV stabilized and don't fade in bright sunshine. Our furniture will never chalk or discolor. There is no need to worry about painting, staining, sanding, scraping, or any kind of maintenance that's required to maintain traditional wood furnishings. Nor does it rust or tarnish the way metal products will. Your Poly outdoor patio sets will provide a lifetime of satisfaction.