Hunting Blinds

Take your hunt to the next level with hunting blinds by Oak Ridge. Built right here in the USA with "Smart Side" walls and floor, insulated metal roof, whisper quiet sliding windows and a carpeted floor; these blinds provide you with the ultimate in weather protection, concealment and scent-blocking. You can choose between side door entry or trapdoor entry. These blinds come in kit form for easy transport and installation. 


Check Out Our Hunting Blinds for Sale

Adding to our line of premium online outdoor furniture, Yoder Woodcrafters is proud to present Oak Ridge Hunting Blinds skillfully crafted to reduce your chance of detection by game. Extending beyond concealment, these hunting blinds have been designed with both you, the hunter, and your game in mind.



Feature-Rich Hunting Blinds

The insulation in these blinds provides protection from the elements, but it doesn’t stop there. Careful attention to detail has gone a step further with scent blocking and soundproofing. Here is a quick look at some of the excellent features found in our Oak Ridge Hunting Blinds

  • “SmartSide” walls and floor

We’ve got your long-term use in mind with LP SmartSide walls and floors that resist deterioration from warping or rotting respectively throughout hot and cold seasons. These products are backed by a 5/50-year limited warranty.

  • Insulated metal roof

Our high-quality metal roofing features dual-purpose insulation that traps heat inside while keeping the cold from snow on the roof outside where it belongs. At the same time, noise from inside is deadened to the outside while the sound of rain on the roof is sufficiently muffled. It’s win-win-win with this roof design.

  • Whisper-quiet sliding windows

With the StealthSlider™ window system, there is no risk of spooking game when you are ready to take aim. The new SilentGlide track is the quietest system on the market today. Open either or both sides of the padded-for-silence split windows and achieve a full 30-inches wide by 22-inches high opening. The darkly tinted plexiglass does not peel or fade. Options include a vertical 15 x 35-inch window for vertical bow or crossbow hunting and 12 x 12-inch corner windows that eliminate four blind spots for a true 360-degree view.

  • Carpeted floor

You have no worries about the typically amplified noise of footfall or boots scraping across a bare-wood floor with our sound-absorbing carpet that gives you great comfort while also sealing in the cozy warmth on those cold winter days.


  • Ultimate concealment

Our Oak Ridge hunting blinds feature the unique Four-Season camouflage pattern designed to assist in disappearing into the surroundings. Natural colors and simple silhouettes disrupt the profile sufficiently to blend in allowing deer to easily adapt to its stealthy presence. Neutral interiors are standard on all our hunting blinds to blend in with the natural surroundings and keep you from popping out against a dark background.


Elevate your Hunting Experience with our Elevated Hunting Blinds


Raising the level of your skills has dual meaning when you experience hunting from one of our elevated hunting blinds. All our elevated blinds are built with a bottom-entry method trap door, which is purposeful in preserving the interior warmth while protecting it from water and ice covering. 

In addition, the trap door opens visibility up to four full windows when there is no doorway to negotiate. More visibility equals greater shooting opportunities. You can opt for a side stairway equipped with either a 3- or 5-foot porch and proper door if you prefer. You also have the choice of multiple base heights going from 7-, 10- or 12-foot heights.

We are only scratching the surface of all the features and options available on our hunting blinds for sale. Whether you are seeking the perfect blind or you have heard of our reputation with our online outdoor furniture, we have plenty of products available for your contemplation. Explore what we have to offer that lets you enjoy outdoor living at its absolute best when you visit Yoder Woodcrafters online store today!