Poly Gliders and Rockers

You are at the right place to find the perfect addition to your front porch or back patio, with a Poly glider or rocker. A relaxing place to sit and ponder, build relationships, or unwind from the day with gentle, therapeutic movement. You will find the rockers and gliders in many styles and colors, as with all the Poly furniture. Find the right one for you and don’t forget to take a look at the side tables to go with them.


Gliders and Rockers

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Gliders and Rockers

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Gliders and Rockers

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Gliders and Rockers

4′ Adirondack Glider


Gliders and Rockers

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Gliders and Rockers

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Gliders and Rockers

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Poly Gliders and Rockers with a Lifetime Residential Guarantee

Your home is the most accurate representation of who you are. It’s where you spend the majority of your time; it’s where you get to see your family most often; it’s where you want to feel you're most comfortable and, well, most at home.

For many, a place where they spend a good portion of their time relaxing is in the outdoors of their home. Whether that is on the front porch, on the back porch, or just somewhere in the yard in general, many people like to feel that they have more space to enjoy than just within the walls of their home.

At Yoder Woodcrafters, our Poly gliders and poly rockers are the perfect solution ro a front or back porch, providing comfort and relaxation.

But Why Poly Gliders and Rockers?

No doubt, there are countless options for outdoor furniture. One can go with metal chairs, wicker rockers or wooden gliders or rockers. So why choose Poly Gliders and Rockers?

Weather can easily rust metal chairs and tables, making them not only unsightly to you and your guests but also in some situations they can become unsafe to use as they once were.

Wicker or rattan gliders and rockers are commonly known for being less comfortable than other options and therefore might not be the best decision if you’re trying to have the highest quality of experience from your outdoor space.

Fewer options are more comfortable or accessible than a good porch glider or poly rocker when it comes to outdoor seating. A glider combines the sway of a traditional rocker plus the ability to swivel. A poly rocker brings back the tradition of sitting on the porch as the sun goes down.

We Love our Poly Furniture

We love ALL of our Poly Furniture. We started with a set of two chairs and a little table out front and now all of our outdoor furniture is Poly. That’s all we are planning to buy in the future. It’s outside in the Florida weather all year long and we just have to spray it with the hose and wipe it down occasionally. No fading or mildewing or any other problems. We are very happy with it and tell everyone about it.Thanks so much for such great quality and long-lasting furniture!

Kelly Heddon
February 27, 2020

Our Collection of LuxCraft Poly Gliders and Rockers

We offer a wide variety of poly gliders and rockers. Choose various sizes, styles, and colors to suit your personality and needs. We sell classic, two-foot Poly gliders for single occupants, four-foot gliders, and also five-foot gliders intended for more than one user at a time.

The five-foot glider even comes with a unique flip-out console that doubles as an armrest and drink holder! If you want to cuddle or seat the third person it flips up to stow neatly out of the way. These are great for kids who want to share their seats and glide together during a family barbecue, for example. Or for you to share some special time outside underneath the stars with the person you love most.

Your Satisfaction is Our Success

Our team at Yoder Woodcrafters strives to be able to guarantee your satisfaction with your new poly glider, and we truly believe you will have years and years of joy and enjoyment out of your purchase with us. So, if you’re in need of a new outdoor furniture solution, visit our online store or contact us today!