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Relax in Style & Comfort with Porch Rockers from Yoder Woodcrafters

Early rockers were nothing more than ordinary chairs with rockers attached. Today, rocking chairs are designed to be stylish, functional and, most importantly, comfortable. But rockers aren't limited to indoor use. A porch rocker from Yoder Woodcrafters can easily complement your existing porch or patio furniture. The great thing about Poly outdoor rockers is that they can fit just about anywhere. Plus, they're easy to care for. Take a moment to consider the many benefits of well-crafted porch rockers and outdoor glider rockers.

Our Poly Furniture Customers Speak

Don't just take our word for it, listen to our poly chair and furniture customers speak for themselves.

We Love our Poly Furniture

We love ALL of our Poly Furniture. We started with a set of two chairs and a little table out front and now all of our outdoor furniture is Poly. That’s all we are planning to buy in the future. It’s outside in the Florida weather all year long and we just have to spray it with the hose and wipe it down occasionally. No fading or mildewing or any other problems. We are very happy with it and tell everyone about it.Thanks so much for such great quality and long-lasting furniture!

Kelly Heddon
February 27, 2020

Rocking Chairs for Porches

Aside from looking stylish, porch Poly rockers can provide much-appreciated comfort after a long day or a place to sit back and enjoy the view on a beautiful summer day. In fact, the simple act of rocking releases endorphins that can boost your mood and ease stress. An outdoor rocking chair can also give your front porch added character and function. We offer many choices with porch rockers with colors, designs, and sizes.

Because of our variety, you'll have no trouble finding a porch rocker that's right for your budget and the available space you have on your porch. If you have a larger porch with patio furniture already in place, a rocker can be a nice finishing touch. And if you have a smaller porch, a rocking chair that's the right size can give you a perfect spot to relax.

Rockers for Your Deck

Our collection of weather-resistant outdoor rockers can make a perfect addition to any deck. You'll also be enjoying the many benefits of high-quality poly furniture by adding one of our rockers to your deck. Each rocker is made of top-quality, highly durable, forever-lasting polyethylene plastic. Because of the way our rockers are designed, they can be placed anywhere on your deck. Another option is to add a rocker to existing seating areas to give people an even more relaxing option while enjoying your deck.

Rockers for Every Personality, Preference, and Need

Available in classic and contemporary styles, our Poly rockers are also appealing because you can select one that's a perfect match for your personality. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can also direct you towards poly rockers ideal for what's most important to you.

If comfort is what's most important to you, for instance, consider one or two of our handcrafted comfort rockers for your porch or deck. Available in 12 colors and warranted for life.  A grandpa rocker provides some added back support without sacrificing style. We also have glider rockers that come in an assortment of bright, vibrant colors.

Can't find a color that's right for you? We offer custom color combinations you can select prior to checkout. Even more, personality can be added to your rocker or rocker-glider with accessories like seat cushions and cup holders.

Outdoor Glider Rockers

A growing trend these days is taking living spaces outdoors. There's no simpler way to embrace this trend than by adding outdoor glider rockers to your exterior spaces. Our well-crafted glider rockers offer maximum style, comfort, and relaxation potential. We have a variety of glider rockers in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are perfect for two people, while others are more spacious. The attention to detail that goes into each glider rocker means you won't have to deal with noisy springs and other issues that can affect traditional wooden rocker-gliders. The glider rockers also work on almost any surface, unlike a traditional style rocker.  They work in the lawn, on mulch, pavers, cobblestone, wooden decks, and many more surfaces.  All you'll have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy smooth gliding.

Low-Maintenance Poly Rockers

The beauty of poly furniture extends beyond looks. Poly products are made of a material that won't fade or need painting. Poly rockers and gliders are designed with timeless style and convenience in mind. Our rockers and gliders require minimal care to stay looking like new. Oftentimes, all that's necessary to maintain poly rockers is to simply rinse them off when they get dirty with some soap and water or a garden hose. And because our poly selections are weather-resistant, you can leave your rocker or glider outdoors on your porch or deck, or right on your lawn, year-round, eliminating the hassle of having to worry about storage.

Enjoy the many benefits of rockers and other types of poly furniture from Yoder Woodcrafters. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality poly products and affordable prices.

We're Here to Help

If you have questions about our Poly Chairs or any of our poly furniture, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have on your journey to an outdoor poly furniture that will last a lifetime.