Poly Gliders from LuxCraft

When you want a great experience with your family and friends on your patio, porch, or backyard, here are beautiful outdoor glider benches that match well with any outdoor styles and furniture. Our four-season poly Glider chairs are easy to clean and hold up through the weather.


Gliders and Rockers

5′ Adirondack Glider


Gliders and Rockers

5′ Plain Glider


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Gliders and Rockers

2′ Plain Glider


Poly Accessories

Glider Footrest


Gliders and Rockers

4′ Adirondack Glider


Gliders and Rockers

5′ Plain Balcony Poly Glider


Gliders and Rockers

4′ Plain Balcony Glider


Gliders and Rockers

5′ Classic Glider


Gliders and Rockers

4′ Classic Balcony Glider


Gliders and Rockers

2′ Plain Balcony Poly Glider


Gliders and Rockers

2′ Classic Balcony Glider



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Poly Gliders are a great fit for anyone who wants to upgrade their outdoor living space. Coming in 3 styles and 4 kinds, we offer poly glider chairs and benches that will be just right for you. Our four-season poly glider chairs are easy to clean and hold up through the weather. We use materials from recycled plastics, making our products environmentally friendly. All of our gliders come with a lifetime warranty so you will never need to worry about the investment you are making! Accessories such as pillows and glider footrests are also available.

3 Poly Glider Designs to Choose From

poly gliders in virginia


High back for sturdy support; Vintage look

poly gliders in virginia


Rustic or old fashioned look

poly gliders in virginia


Simple, Smooth, Compact

4 Kinds of Poly Gliders to Choose From

Swivel Gliders

Looking for a poly glider chair that allows you to rock back and forth and spin around with no effort? Our swivel gliders come in both classic and adirondack styles. At a size of 2’, this poly chair offers a comfortable solution without the bulkiness of a larger chair.

Luxury 5’ Gliders

If you desire a poly glider that transforms to fit your needs, take a look at our luxury 5’ poly gliders. Many of them come with an armrest that folds down through the middle equipped with cupholders. These gliders are available in all styles to accommodate your needs.


Some people want a simple look without any features or additions. Generic poly gliders come in all styles and are available in both the 2’ and 4’ sizes.


Balcony gliders come with a stationary footrest that make them easier to get in and out of. These poly gliders are taller than usual and are a great fit for those hoping to maximize their comfort.

Accessories for your Poly Glider

poly glider cushion


We handcraft our pillows for your poly glider with the finest materials available. These pillows are a great idea for those hoping to complete the look of their poly glider chair or bench. Choose from the standard toss pillow or the lumbar pillow for maximum back support. Both styles come in 17 different colors.

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Glider Footrest

Glider footrests allow you to kick your feet up and relax. Our footrest will move with you as you glide, and comes in 20 different colors to match your poly glider. Footrests still come with a lifetime warranty, and are made from the same great materials as the poly chairs.

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captain chair

We Love our Poly Furniture

We love ALL of our Poly Furniture. We started with a set of two chairs and a little table out front and now all of our outdoor furniture is Poly. That’s all we are planning to buy in the future. It’s outside in the Florida weather all year long and we just have to spray it with the hose and wipe it down occasionally. No fading or mildewing or any other problems. We are very happy with it and tell everyone about it.Thanks so much for such great quality and long-lasting furniture!

Kelly Heddon
February 27, 2020

Lifetime Warranty

Our commitment never ends for you in Yoder Woodcrafters. For all our poly furniture we have a lifetime warranty to protect your investment and help you to have a stress free experience. We don’t expect you will need a warranty, but we will be here to help you if you need us!

Your Satisfaction is Our Success

Our team at Yoder Woodcrafters strives to be able to guarantee your satisfaction with your new poly glider, and we truly believe you will have years of enjoyment out of your purchase with us. So, if you’re in need of a new poly outdoor furniture solution, visit our online store or contact us today!