How Much Does a Porch Swing Cost?

porch swing cost

So, you’re in the market for a new porch swing but are not sure how much it would cost? Allow us to help explain everything that goes into the porch swing cost, from the cost of the material to the cost of the maintenance. 

To begin, we will be looking at the overall model of the porch swing. There are hundreds of different models of porch swings, and all of them range in price (and there is a reason for that.)

Porch Swing Costs Depending on the Model

When it comes to the cost of the different models of porch swings, you have to look at the difference in quality. The quality has a ton to do with the porch swing cost and there is a reason why.

Budget-Friendly Porch Swings

When looking at the most affordable and budget-friendly porch swings, there are many places to look. It is not difficult to find an affordable porch swing at a large retail corporation like Walmart or Target for under $300. However, even though the price may look appealing the product may not be due to the quality of it. 

Typically, low-budget porch swings use steel pipes to manufacture the entire swing. This can cause the porch swing to corrode or rust which eventually can lead to a defective swing.

If you are in the market for a budget-friendly swing, you can see some options for you below or check out other options online.

steel porch swing cost


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walmart porch swing cost


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porch swing cost online


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High-Quality Porch Swings

The other side of the spectrum is the high-quality Amish made porch swings. When it comes to finding the porch swing costs with higher quality swings, you can expect to pay more with reason.

Amish-made poly swings are handmade with poly lumber, carefully assembled, and built to last for many years to come. Quality over price has always been the more sustainable choice because of the money actually invested overtime.

Let’s look deeper into why purchasing a more valuable porch swing is the better option.

Why Buy High-Quality Porch Swings over Budget Porch Swings?

  • Durability: Poly lumber is more durable than the materials used in budget porch swings, giving it a longer lifetime.
  • Get your money’s worth: At the end of the day, you are going to be spending money on a porch swing, so why not use that money for a swing that will be worth it.
  • Environmental Friendly: Taking care of our planet is something that needs to be done. We are proud to say that 90% of these high-quality porch swings come from recycled materials.
  • Lifetime Warranty: We are sure your porch swing will last for many years to come. In fact, we are so sure that we included a lifetime warranty on your porch swing.

Porch Swing Costs Depending on Material

Another factor in considering the cost of a porch swing is the material from which it is made. All material has a different cost, so let’s look into how much porch swings costs when they are made from different materials.

When it comes to the materials of the porch swings, there are a number of different ones to choose from including plastic, metal, wood, and poly. 

Below you can find the different porch swing costs with their respected constructed material.

metal porch swing cost

Metal Porch Swing


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plastic porch swing cost

Plastic Porch Swing


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wood porch swing cost

Wooden Porch Swing


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yellow poly porch swing cost

Poly Porch Swing

$536 – $588

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Porch Swing Costs Depending on Size

Obviously, a large porch swing will cost more than a smaller one. The question is how much more is a larger porch swing than a smaller one. For example, a 4’  Poly Adirondack Swing would cost anywhere from $536 – $588 and a 5’ Poly Adirondack Swing costs $677 – $745. Meaning for the extra foot you would pay an estimated $149. 

Depending on the style of chair (Adirondack, Classic, etc.) you get, the porch swing cost could vary but not by a wide margin.

Maintenance Costs for Porch Swings

Porch swing maintenance is something many people do not think about when looking to purchase one. Some porch swings like wood and metal cause start “breaking down” if not maintained properly.

porch swing cost for repaint

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Wooden swings require a new paint job every 5 years, especially if you want your swing to stand out and always look appealing. However, this is going to be a recurring cost that may not seem large given the timeframe however it is still something that poly would never require.

The amount needed to repaint a porch swing is only about a quart which you can find at Home Depot, Lowes, or any local hardware store. A good quality paint would cost you anywhere from $15 – $20.

Shipping Cost for Porch Swings

Many places who sell porch swings offer delivery. That being said, not everyone offers free delivery. Some retailers may offer delivery on the porch swing depending on the size.

Free delivery is usually the shipping method that is used for porch swings. Free delivery has plenty of obvious advantages and is a big reason why some customers choose to buy their porch swings from places that offer free delivery.

Check out the porch swings below that also include Free Delivery:

Poly Swings

5′ Plain Swing


Poly Swings

4′ Plain Swing


Poly Swings

5′ Classic Swing


Poly Swings

4′ Classic Swing


Improve Your Porch Space Today

Next season, get yourself a space to relax and unwind right in front of your home with a porch swing. Get something more than a classic poly chair, a porch swing offers a fun and relaxing space for you and another person.

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